H.E. Mr Reuben Gauci,

High Commissioner of the

Republic of MALTA in

New Delhi, India

Our Small Planet, is our only Island of Hope ! 

Coming from a very small country, Malta is 316 square kms large, which also happens to be an island,  I know the feeling of a confined area and the need to take care of the little space that one has to build a lifestyle and earn a living. Judging our planet from its photos in space, I get the feeling of the minuteness of the home of humanity in the same way as I feel the limits of my home country, Malta. One seeing our Earth in space, I see it as an Island in the vastness of the Universe which holds it in turn. As the saying goes, we do not have a Planet B to rely on, so we, as responsible humans, must take care or our small planet, our lovely and God given planet, in the same way as we take care of our nations. Planet Earth is our only hope for survival in the years and centuries to come.

As the Great Mahatma Gandhi once said, “  there is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.” A visionary like Mahatma Gandhi could not but notice that words ‘need’ and ‘greed’, although rhyming poetically, are in fact the antithesis of each other. When need becomes greed, than our planet becomes smaller and our hope for a better future shrinks with it. When greed takes over, need will become more abundant, and both people, and the earth at large, suffer greatly. 

A Maltese Professor and renowned Intellectual and Poet, Oliver Friggieri, who died recently on 21 November 2020, said that if our Island ( Malta ) is destroyed, we will only remain with the postcards. Same applies to our Planet at large. If our planet disintegrates there will be no humans to remember it and no place in which we can leave our postcards. 

I have always been impressed by Hinduism’s care for the environment. Being one of the oldest religions on the planet, Hinduism’s concern for the planet is well known and well noted. As an ancient Hindu teaching says: “ The Earth is our mother and we are all her children.” The depth of Hinduism’s love for the environment teaches us all that our small planet, which holds our nations and our seas together, is our only Island of hope !

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